Welcome to Savoring Our Lives – a weekly podcast where your hosts, Chad and Ruth, talk about what’s inspiring them, what they’re eating (and drinking), and how they are finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.


We are the awesome Lawsons.

It’s a nickname that was given to us so we try to live up to it!

CHAD – is a pretty amazing geek by day and a tinkerer by night. You might have seen his video podcast about learning to learn and the freedom to fail – VerboseModeTV.

RUTH – always wanted to be a Rockette but never got tall enough. Instead, she dances around the house sometimes to tunes only she hears. She’s definitely marching to her own beat.

The Beaglies – Tini and Abby are our girl beagles. They make us smile and laugh every single day.


512 – Vegetarian-ish

Welcome to Savoring Our Lives! In this week’s episode, we: Resolved Our Lawnmower Drama Our 10-year old Black and Decker electric lawnmower was on its last legs but then we got a new battery and voila! life (and our lawn) is so much better! Kinda, Sorta Tried Vegetarianism Ruth’s second cousin Sydnee challenged her to try …