113 – Maker Faire, Margaritas, and Music

Welcome to Savoring Our Lives!

In this week’s episode, we talk about:

Bay Area Maker Faire
Chad attended the “Greatest Show and Tell On Earth” in San Francisco last weekend. He was able to attend the press day on Friday and was inspired by the Maker to Market section. Chad also got to meet geeky celebrities from This Week In Tech (TWiT). Visit makerfaire.com to find the faire closest to you.

Yet Another Weight Loss Approach
While in the Bay Area, Chad visited his childhood friend Mike who was looking great and had lost a lot of weight. Turns out, Mike’s being more mindful of what he’s eating by using the LoseIt app.

New Budgeting Strategy
We’re still figuring it all out and we had the idea to check in with each other to try to talk the other person out of discretionary purchases. We’re hoping bringing more awareness to what we’re doing will stop unnecessary spending.

National Wine Day
You know we love wine. We might have failed miserably trying to celebrate. Spoiler alert: there were margaritas.

Kicking Off Summer
Here in Wisconsin, we’re in Hardiness Zone 4 meaning you don’t want to plant flowers before Memorial Day due to the possibility of frost. Ruth got everything planted this weekend and we’re ready for summer. We were listening to SomaFM and heard “I Can’t Break Away” by Big Pig from the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure soundtrack.

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