116 – Zima, Weight, Woz

Welcome to Savoring Our Lives!

In this week’s episode, we talk about:

Wineza with Friends This week, we invited some friends over for wineza. We had some fun timesand some Zima (a malt beverage from the ’90s)! Our friends brought their beagles, Timmy and Annie. Tini let Annie play with her (favorite) toys.

Searching for Dogs
We attended Fido Fest on Saturday and chatted with a behavioral specialist about Tini and her grief. We’re not sure we’re ready or if Tini’s ready for a new dog, but we’re starting the process. We contacted BREW Beagles and another rescue group to inquire about available dogs.

Shopping and Meal Planning
Today we went grocery shopping using a digital list in the Paprika app. Turns out Chad is a digital guy; Ruth is a pen and paper gal. We’ll be prepping three make-ahead meals this Sunday. We found an easy lasagne recipe on DamnDelicious.net.

Managing Our Weight
We’re still using the LoseIt app. Ruth realized she’s consistently about 600 calories over her allotment. Chad has lost an entire quarter pound in the last month. We’re going to stick with it and add in some exercise (whaaat?!).

Inspiration This Week
Chad watched a video of Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak (Woz)  where he talked about the formula for a happy life.

H =  S – F Happiness equals smiles minus frowns
H = F3 – Happiness equals food x fun x friends

Ruth had a crappy Wednesday but remembered her friend Meg’s mantra: “Look for the happiness in life’s crappiness” when she had some really great things happen.

And we were both inspired by a blog post by professional speaker Jason Kotecki – “What if you knew the numbers” which focused on how important it is to really savor every moment you have.


Want to share your story about how you’re savoring your life? Or if you have make ahead meal recipes, tell us!

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