209 – The Quest for Doughnuts

Welcome to Savoring Our Lives!

In this week’s episode, we talk about:

Magic Wineza
Chad was at a client near Detroit on Friday, but made it home in time for Wineza. Chad was convinced we weren’t going to be able to have Wineza this weekend, but Ruth made it happen beautifully. We enjoyed a 2015 Educated  Guess Cabernet.

Ruth’s Mom’s Birthday Dinner

Mom’s Birthday Sundae

Mom chose Outback Steakhouse for her birthday dinner. She likes going there because she chooses to eat gluten-free. We enjoyed our meals – Ruth got Alice Springs Chicken and Chad had the Cobb Salad with Steak. Chad really enjoyed the 2015 Federalist Cabernet.  Ruth thought the ice cream/hot fudge sundae was particularly delightful.


Doughnut Quest
Our doughnut options have recently changed and we’re not thrilled. We’re trying to find really yummy doughnuts (and coffee) to enjoy before we record our podcast each week. This week we tried yet another vendor only to be disappointed.

Abby Tantrum
We went for a walk with Abby and Tini. Since Ruth’s been in the boot for the last six weeks, Abby hasn’t been out walking. We put the Gentle Leader on Abby to go for the walk and she was less than pleased – to the point she threw herself on the ground and had what could only be called a tantrum.

Milwaukee Maker Faire
Next week’s Milwaukee Maker Faire will feature both Ruth and Chad as volunteers and Chad will be presenting his keynote on Sunday. Find all the info here.

Awkward Yeti
Chad sent an Awkward Yeti comic to Ruth this week (click here to see it on Facebook). It was all about the negativity bias of our brains, but much like what we do with this podcast we work to focus on searching for and finding the good stuff in the world and in our lives.

Want to share your story about how you’re savoring your life? Or if you have a story about your dog having a tantrum or your most favorite doughnut purveyor…let us know!

Today’s episode was sponsored by SB Framing Gallery – a custom picture frame and gift shop in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. You can find SB Framing online at sbframinggallery.com.

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