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Minneapolis Skyway System

On Location in Minneapolis! 
We really enjoy Minneapolis and somewhat regularly schedule getaway weekends there.

Minneapolis has a vast network of Skyways which connect multiple buildings throughout downtown. We were able to take the Skyway from our hotel to Penny’s Coffee and stay out of the rain.

Friday Night
We started in the restaurant in the hotel with cheese curds and a drink. Then we walked across the Mississippi River to Northeast Minneapolis to try Punch Neapolitan Pizza. Afterwards, we stopped for a glass of wine at wine bar Bardo, next door.

Punch Pizza
Tiki Drinks at Suzi’s

After coffee, we headed out to Chanhassen to see Paisley Park – Prince’s home, studio, and performance space which has been converted into a museum since his passing in 2016. It was deeply cool and still incredibly sad to be in the space. We couldn’t take photos, so go there and see it all for yourself!

And of course, we stopped at our favorite tiki bar, Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge.   We love Suzi, but we’ve decided to go exploring other restaurants next time we’re in town. We’re still friends, but we need to see other restaurants.

Want to share your story about how you’re savoring your life? Or if you have a favorite thing to do in Minneapolis or a favorite Prince story or song…let us know!

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