306 – Halloween Candy

Welcome to Savoring Our Lives! In this week’s episode, we:

Pairing Halloween Candy with Wine

Paired Halloween candy with wine
Our fave wine bar was hosting a fun Halloween mini-event – pairing Halloween fun sized candies with different wines. We naturally experimented with the three different candies and named a winner. Because…SCIENCE!

Played Cribbage
We like to play cribbage. Without a deck of cards or a cribbage board last week we resorted to a multi-player app. So this week, we found real, live cribbage board at the wine bar and enjoyed a super close game.

Went to a Housewarming/Halloween Party
Friends of ours hosted a Halloween costume party and we needed to find a leather duster jacket so Chad could go as vampire David from The Lost Boys. We shopped at the local St. Vincent de Paul second-hand store and were really impressed with the display and curation of their inventory.

At the party, we met Loki, a really well-behaved Australian Cattle Dog. He was super cute and is in “training” to be a support dog. We’ve been following a page on Facebook called Speaking Dog with Shana and asked for help with Abby’s barrier aggression.

Went Walking
Ruth started walking in the morning and found it was better than journaling in the morning. She’s still using the Insight Timer app, but walking is almost like a meditation. It’s all about taking good care of yourself.

Want to share your story about how you’re savoring your life? Or if you have a favorite candy and wine pairing or a favorite Halloween costume…let us know!

Today’s episode was sponsored by SB Framing Gallery – a custom picture frame and gift shop in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. You can find SB Framing online at sbframinggallery.com.


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