311 – Dining on Mondays

Welcome to Savoring Our Lives! In this week’s episode, we:

Made a Movie War list
We went through Netflix and watched trailers for old, bad movies. We now have a good list for Movie War and will offer some reviews in future episodes – because The Ice Pirates needs some internet love.

Wine and Small Plates at La Merenda

Found an open restaurant on Monday
Apparently restaurants being closed on Mondays is still a thing. We were going to head out and realized half our list of date night restaurants are closed on Mondays. But in good news, we found La Merenda was open and they were thrilled to see us!

Chad was in Minneapolis
And learned that one Mai Tai is plenty!

Christmas in the Ward – photo by Cindy Lesky

Ruth had a work event
It was the 29th Annual Christmas in the Ward on Friday, so wineza was a little late!

Thought about keeping in touch
Our friend Phil shared a graphic from Crustacean Singles about reaching out to others. Ruth admitted to still having a hard time reaching out while Chad is inspired.

Want to share your story about how you’re savoring your life? Or if you know a restaurant in the Milwaukee area that’s open on Mondays or even how many Mai Tais you can have…let us know!

Today’s episode was sponsored by SB Framing Gallery – a custom picture frame and gift shop in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. You can find SB Framing online at sbframinggallery.com.

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