401 – Lasagna Fail

Welcome to Savoring Our Lives! In this week’s episode, we:

Killed a lasagna
We attempted to make this Motherf$cking Lasagna by fitness blogger James Fell. The recipe actually includes a warning to get a deep enough pan and not let the lasagna boil over. We did not follow directions and everything started burning. So we pulled the rip cord and ordered pizza.

The nephews at laser tag

Enjoyed Christmas fun with people
Chad got together with his Little Brother to work on an electronics project. It inspired Chad that Elijah really took pride in his craftsmanship. And then we took our three nephews to play laser tag at Lasertag Adventure. The youngest had a lot of fun continually shooting Ruth. She’s busy formulating a plan to retaliate for next year.

Ice Cream Drinks

Indulged in ice cream drinks
We visited Joey Gerard’s Supper Club with Ruth’s family. After dinner, we decided to indulge in ice cream drinks at the bar. The perfect ending to a really great day. In fact, Ruth said, “Today is the best day ever. And tomorrow will be, too,” and it was super inspiring.

Want to share your story about how you’re savoring your life? Or if you want to share what your favorite lasagna recipe…let us know!

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