411 – Plain Cake Donut

Welcome to Savoring Our Lives! In this week’s episode:

Bahama Mama & Cafe Au Lait Truffle

Ruth went to a Tiki Cocktails & Chocolate pairing class
Ruth and her friend Sarah visited Indulgence Chocolatiers and enjoyed a class pairing their chocolates with tiki cocktails. It was fun and delicious. The cocktails reminded Chad of the song “Drink To Hawaii” by Richard Cheese.

Chad was eating in Iowa
He was in Iowa training and his clients took him to a BBQ joint, a taco/burrito place, and a place called Saucy Focaccia. And then they brought in donuts from the build-your-own donut shop, The Donut Experiment.

The Donut Experiment

We didn’t close our Activity rings
Ruth’s hour-long yoga class lasted three hours and 48 minutes on her Activity app because she forgot to turn it off after class. Oops! We’re challenging ourselves to move at least three days this week.

Pokemon Go hosted a special event
We were in the middle of a project spring cleaning/rearranging the basement when Chad realized he needed to leave for an hour and catch a bunch of Dratinis.

Pokemon Go’s Dratini

Visited Mom’s and went through Dad’s tools
Ruth’s mom is in the process of purging her dad’s stuff. We visited to take a look at his stash of tools and see if there was anything we needed.

Want to share your story about something that inspires you? Know somewhere with a really good cake donut? Or do you have a favorite Instant Pot recipe?  Let us know!

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