412 – Random Act of Kindness

Welcome to Savoring Our Lives! In this week’s episode we:

Eggs Benedict at Bass Bay Brewhouse

Visited Bass Bay Brewhouse for brunch
Chad had their “Shenanigans” dish which had everything and the kitchen sink in it. Ruth really enjoyed the Eggs Benedict. See the whole brunch menu here.

Continued to eat
On Monday, we tried The Suburban Bourbon and enjoyed a couple of their burgers with a bottle of wine. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we cooked dinner at home – including an epic Tater Tot Casserole. On Friday, we stayed home for Wineza and paired it with a brand new bottle of M2 Zinfandel.

Had a full day on Saturday
We had a family funeral visitation to attend Saturday morning. Ruth had to work to enforce some boundaries around what she needed. Afterwards, we had certified professional dog trainer Laura from Connecting with Dogs come over to help us humans communicate more effectively with both dogs (but especially Abby).

Bob holding the photo from our “island home.”

Were the recipients of a random act of kindness
We decided to order burgers from Ricardo’s in the Greendale Village and then head over to Vintage 38 for wine – specifically Hook or Crook 2015 Lodi Cabernet. Since the grapes are from Lodi, the wine had a great depth of flavor.  At the bar there’s a photo for sale on the wall we’re pretty sure is the view from our future island home. An amazingly kind gentleman at the bar – who wanted to be known as “Bob” – purchased it and gifted it to us. We were stunned and couldn’t believe his generosity. We will definitely be paying it forward. Cheers, “Bob.”


Want to share your story about something that inspires you? Have you ever paid it forward or undertaken a random act of kindness? Let us know!

Today’s episode was sponsored by SB Framing Gallery – a custom picture frame and gift shop in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. You can find SB Framing online at sbframinggallery.com.

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