508 – Kitten Cam

Welcome to Savoring Our Lives! In this week’s episode, we:

Got our bikes tuned up
In addition to our new treadmill, we wanted to have another movement option so we got our bikes out. We had to take them in because they needed some love after sitting for a couple years.

Kept an eye on wildlife in the yard

Hummingbird Cam

Chad set up a camera outside to keep an eye on the hummingbird feeder which was cool! And then yesterday, the beagles let us know there were cats under the deck. Later, Abby found a kitten on top of the deck. Chad tried to catch it but it ended up under the deck all day. So the hummingbird cam became kitten cam.

Worked with Abby’s trainer
Laura from Connecting with Dogs came out to visit again to help us fine-tune some of Abby’s training. We have to work on her reactivity with the dog next door as well as going back to doing crate games.

Ate out a little more than usual
We went to Double B’s BBQ to investigate the brisket. We got to see our old server, Michelle, and try the food. Then Saturday, we decided to chill at the wine bar instead of run around. Chad ended up trying the Cobb Salad Hot Dog at Ferch’s Malt Shoppe and Grille across the walkway from Vintage 38.

Ruth telling people where to go!

Posted a ridiculous photo to Facebook
Ruth posted a hilarious photo of herself on Facebook which Chad accurately titled, “Ruth Lawson: Telling people ‘where to go’ since 1970.”


Want to share your story about what inspires you? Want to tell us your favorite brisket restaurant or have a feral cat repellent? Let us know!

Today’s episode was sponsored by SB Framing Gallery – a custom picture frame and gift shop in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. You can find SB Framing online at sbframinggallery.com.

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