606 – Smoked S’mores

Welcome to Savoring Our Lives! In this week’s episode:

Chad visited a Makerspace
Chad was in Grand Rapids, Michigan and visited The Geek Group. He got to hang out in the high voltage lab and learn about how the group interacts with their community.

Ruth took Abby to the vet…again
Abby has a yeast infection in her ear which is pretty common in dogs with floppy ears – like beagles. While we were there, the vet agreed to try putting Abby on Prozac. Within 36 hours we saw a noticeable improvement.

Ruth visited Wisconsin State Fair 
Every year, Ruth and her mom go to State Fair. We eat corn, visit the expo center, and drink milk. This year, the price of milk increased from a quarter to fifty cents!

Smoked S’more at Tofte’s Table

We had date night on a Wednesday 
We headed to Waukesha to Tofte’s Table – Ruth was there recently and really wanted to show Chad. The meat and cheese plate was extraordinary. We splurged and went with dessert – a smoked s’more.

We tried a new pizza place for Wineza
Uncle Paulie’s is a brand new wood fired oven pizza place close to our house. We tried The Godfather, a specialty pizza with ricotta and meatballs. It wasn’t our favorite pizza and the service wasn’t stellar. We’ll give them another try sometime.

Ruth went to the doctor…again
Ruth’s been suffering with sinus stuff for over two weeks. Turns out she has allergic rhinitis – aka seasonal allergies. In talking about the advice from some nurses about losing weight, her doctor recommended increasing fiber intake.

All the beagles!

We mended beagle fences
Tini’s BFF Annie and Abby decided they didn’t like each other a few months ago. We decided to get all the beagles together to help Annie and Abby to get along again. Our friend (and Annie’s mom) Jasmine worked with the girls to get them all on the same page. It was amazing to see them getting along.

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