610 – Cheesy Motivation

Welcome to Savoring Our Lives! In this week’s episode we:

Organized Chad’s closet
We Marie Kondo’ed the bedroom a few years ago, but Chad’s side of the room had gotten pretty messy again and even he was done with it. So, we decided to go through all the clothes piles and clean up.

Baked Provolone….mmmmmmmm….

Sat at the end of the bar
It seems like whenever we go out and sit at the end of the bar, magical and deep conversations occur. We visited Story Hill BKC and ended up at the end of the bar. It was fun to see all the servers, the food, and the chefs at work. We enjoyed a bottle of single vineyard Ravenswood wine and talked about what it really means to savor our lives.

Enjoyed quite a bit of irony about our health
As we sat at the bar and ate and drank quite a bit, we talked about how we have not made any progress with our weight loss and exercise. We need to decide and commit to making changes but we can’t find the motivation to make our health a priority.

Went to a comedy show

Sandwich at the Safe House

We went to the Pabst Theatre to see Iliza Schlesinger’s Elder Millennial tour. It was really good and her opening act Hunter Hill was funny, too.  After the brief show we visited the Safe House for a later dinner.

Want to share a story about what inspires you?  Or if you know where to find motivation, please, let us know!

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